Layton Hawkes - Game Designer

Puzzlepops Trick Or Treat

Puzzlepops! Trick or Treat

Cute Lollipops. Serious Halloween Puzzles.


The Puzzlepops are back for Halloween! They're more challenging than ever, and packing some seriously spooky surprises... trick or treat!

Slide pieces of seasonal candy along lollipop sticks and combine them to complete each Pop. Watch out for bats, vampires, ghosts and other candy specialities that will surely give you goose bumps!

SOLVE puzzling Halloween themed lollipops. Candy corn for everyone!

DISCOVER brain-bending logic puzzles and use creepy candy varieties....OoooOoo!

MASTER each puzzle set. Can you complete them all?

OUT NOW on the App Store and Google Play!


Role - Solo

I created the game as the sole desinger/developer in Unity.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed the entirety of the original game from concept through prototype and shippable.
  • Fast Project: Developed using the 'Puzzlepops!' codebase in only 6 weeks part-time.
  • Developed numerous unique puzzle elements that complimented each other and created varied puzzles.
  • Designed, organised and paced 75 production levels.
  • Maintained a string-table for localisation into multiple languages.
  • Created bold minimalist visuals grounded in classic Halloween styles and archetypes.
  • Simultaneously marketed and launched on two platforms, both iOS and Android.